Saturday, March 23, 2019

Family Diversity {feat. Kara}

GUYS SPRING IS FINALLY HERE. Kansas has been clinging to Winter for far too long, and I was beginning to thing that we'd skip Spring altogether and jump right to Summer! But joy of all joys, it's here and I'm so happy about it.

So yeah, after that random intro about Spring's arrival (YAY! Have I mentioned that I'm so glad it's here?!), I will now introduce my little sister, whom you might remember from the ridiculous post I did with her last. We're hopping in as a part of Brooklyne's Family Forever Month.

Heya, Squirt (nope, only I'm allowed to call her Squirt, 'kay? You, fabulous people, may call her Kara)!

Hello Kiki

...Wow, it's been awhile since that nickname has been used. And actually, that's a good transition to our topic today: family diversity. Every family is different and unique. Some families are tall, some are short, some like sports, some like sushi . . . but diversity within the families is what really makes things interesting. Like nicknames, for example.

Ohhh I get it, like your annoying and I'm perfect right? *Halo* ... Ok uhh... Don't answer that

. . . I never know what's going to come out of your mind. And no, that's not what I mean (does that even deserve a response?). Such as . . . you're Squirt and I'm, well, Kiki, as you said. Or, as Kordell likes to call me, Pugs (I don't even know why).
There's also other ways that we're different. Such as, even though we're twins, Kordell hates reading (except Hank the Cowdog, ugh) and loves pretty much any animal, whereas I love reading (never would've guessed, would ya?), yet I'm not as much of an animal person.

Man, you sure are talking a lot for the quiet one of the family... talking is my job. But I get your point... Like I'm super extraverted and you super introverted. So much for introverts not talking a lot *Smirks deviously*

Hey, this is my blog. Of course I'm gonna talk a lot. I'm supposed to talk a lot. Besides, like I said in my post about introverts, just because I'm an introvert doesn't mean I don't like to talk. It just means that I generally don't talk a lot around people I don't know very well. Besides, you still talk twice as much as me. Ask our family.
But, I mean, talking online is a whole different ball game.

Hey hey hey, as I said earlier that's my job. And wait a minute I just realized, all those times you say, "I have nothing to say to that." or "I'm speechless." it's not because you're an introvert?! WOW!

Oh heavens no. Usually you just do render me speechless, regardless of my personality.

I tend to have that effect on people... I just take their breath away! 

Yeah, something like that. Anyway, moving on . . .
You and I both love reading. That's one thing we have in common. I, however, loved reading as soon as I learned how, and I love intense books or feelsy books (yeah . . . two different extremes, I suppose. Depends on my mood). It took me years, though, to get you into reading, and now all you want to read about is horses.

That's because not much else is worth reading *halo* and it wasn't you that got me into reading, it was myself. 

Those . . . those be fightin' words. And yes, I most certainly did! But I'll let it slide . . . for now.

We are also alike in that we like writing, but you like killing characters. on the other hand, like resurrecting them

WHAT! I do not kill them! I only maim them . . . a little . . . but I've only killed one or two out of dozens, maybe even hundreds!

Yeah I guess... BUT STILL I only almost kill them, you make sure you get the job done

Again, I've only killed one or two. And that was yearssss ago. I'm nice to my characters now. So far.

Maybe, but I can see it in your eye, your planning another assassination 

. . . all you see in my eyes are pupils.

Actually I see some pond scum color in the center, a really cold almost white icy blue in the middle, actually it's almost a grayish color, then on the outside you have kind of almost a metallic looking deep grayish dark blue

Wow, I've never heard my eyes described in such detail. And I've never been quite so . . . creeped out by a person studying my eye from an inch away.

Author is as author does... Sometimes you need to get up close to what your doing research about (no I am not officially an author, sorry I know you were all wanting my autograph)

Good grief, Squirt, I think we need to start talking about something else.
Music! That's a good topic. We tend to have very different tastes in music. I love bluegrass (I looooove instrumentals), I don't really like country music (yeah, I know, a farmer's daughter in the country that doesn't actually like country music . . . ), and my favorite singing group is The Ball Brothers. But, I mean, I love Celtic music as well (bagpipes, y'all!), and gospel (Gaithers, anyone??), and . . . yeah. I kinda love music. A lot.

I mostly go for worded music. Andy Leftwich, 2CELLOS, and the Piano Guys [epiiiiic choices, though you should really add Craig Duncan in there . . . ] are about the only instrumentalist I really like, (although non worded soundtracks [YES LIKE MOVIE SOUNDTRACKSSSS] are amazing) Country music (specifically Country Christian) is AMAZING!!!! And I really like a lot of modern Christian music, and a lot of doo-wop. Some of my favorite bands (I have most likely only heard a few from each band) are Home Free, The Gaithers, For King and Country, Crowder, Alan Jackson, Steven Curtis Chapman, Danny Gokey, Aaron Watson, Alabama, MercyMe, Josh Turner, Rescue, and some TobyMac, the Flying W. Wranglers, and the Statler Brothers. *Currently dancing to Home Free*

. . . good grief. You have a lot of favorites. I mean, I do too, but still. I'll leave my list alone on the about me page, thanks.

Sadly, you don't have an about me page for me... so I have to say them all on here, isn't that right peeps?

Um, sure. But anyway, I'm not a huge fan of any of your favorite bands, Josh Turner (one of the very few country singers [and the best bass ever, along with Tim Foust from Home Free] that I like), the Gaithers, and Rescue being exceptions. If only you liked The Ball Brothers. *sigh*

So, all this to say . . . diversity within families can run rampant. But you know what? God made us that way. Pretty genius, huh? I mean, imagine if we both loved TobyMac! *makes face* I'll take my Ball Brothers playlist, thanks. So we praise God that He made us different, and we try to get along in the meantime. ;)

Eeek, you can have your Ball Brothers, they're too jazzy for me they only have two songs I like. (one's their only countryish song of course!) But yes God made us all unique, just ask my siblings, I'm living proof of that! ;D

Mhmm. Definitely. So, to borrow VeggieTales' words . . . God made you special, and He loves you very much. G'byyyyyye!


  1. *cannot at all stand Home Free* It was fun having Kara here today. XD

  2. I’ve been stalking you a while by way of Faith’s blog and you always write the greatest things!! I’ve loved reading about your adventures...and your book sounds dreadfully sad and amazing. I have two adopted brothers and even though we got them when they were only two, they’d had some rough life experiences. God sets the solitary in families for a reason and it’s amazing to watch His healing in action.
    How can you not love country?? I don’t listen to contemporary aside from “I Can Only Imagine,” XD but I like your sister’s tastes in country! Aaron Watson... *cries* Ask her if she likes “July in Cheyenne.” ;)
    Keep up the good work!!

  3. Awesome post, Kaitlyn! This was fun to read! ;)

  4. I'm literally picturing Kara studying your eyes and laughing so hard.

    FOR KING & COUNTRY. <33 Josh Turner tho? I like some of his songs, but his voice kinda makes me cringe.

  5. Nice to "meet" you, Kara! You two are too funny! I loved reading this post! Thanks so much for doing a Family Forever Month post!!! <3

  6. Just getting to read this...I may or may not have choked when I read the line about maiming our charries BC I WAS JUST THINKING OF THAT EARLIER... XDD Ahem.
    Also, Josh Turner is AMAZE. Much yes. I love country music :D


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