Monday, April 30, 2018

A Wedding, a Conference, and Other Random Stuff {Life Update}

Contrary to what may be a popular belief, I'm not dead.
Soooo... wow, a lot has happened in the past months.  Where to start?!

-Kord's cows all had calves!  Naming them all would take more time than you or I would like, so I'll just name a few. Roxi, Cleo, Irma, Bill, Leon, Judd, Duke, Kate (yes, named after me, lucky soul), Kara, Eddy...

Meet Earl.

-It snowed.  Once or twice in February, and once in the middle of April, actually.  'Twas strange, to say the least.

-I got new cowboy boots for my brother's wedding!  *insert heart-eyes*

-The whole family took a road trip to Ohio for... that's right, my brother's wedding!  I was privileged to be a bridesmaid, and may I just say that if you ever get the chance to be a part of a wedding, JUMP ON IT.  I think all the members of the bridal party will agree with me on this. ;) Lots of hugs and laughter, and, well, having two sisters-in-law is a blast.  Just sayin'.

Braiding the unity cross
And I got my hair done and everything.  'Twas lovely, though the stylist (the bride's sister) was trying to straighten my hair to make it more workable... and it didn't work very well.  XD
But she did a fab job.

Hours after the wedding... it's a lil' messy ;)
And the venue was just beautiful.

AND THE DECORATIONS!!  We also had a doughnut board that was super cute and a fondue fountain that was epic.

-My OTHER bro and his wife got an adorable puppy!

-We vacuum-packed Kord in a trash bag.  No joke.  Kids, don't do this without adult supervision. XD

-Ice cream.  'Nuff said.

-I got introduced to these epic songs.

-Kansas wedding reception, full of doughnuts and 7-layer dip and set-up silliness, during which I had a jam session with my sister-in-law's sister, singing VeggieTales when we were supposed to be working.  Pretty sure our mothers were starting to worry about our sanity.

-For Chow's birthday, we made stromboli.  That food, y'all... <3

-Along with JessecaRebekah and a friend of Rebekah's, I ran a booth at our homeschool convention.  There were books, photos, and my specialty—crocheted book sleeves!

-I found this sign at Hobby Lobby and decided I need it someday.

-Kord and I got to take Daddy's sweet ride to check cows, so on the way home we stopped and walked out in the wheat field to snap some epic shots.

Also, he's got one cow that will let him sit on her.  He was thrilled.

Also, a couple days later, took some sunset shots.  My photography skills are improving. XD

-Mom & Kara tried candle making.  So far so good!

-Came upon these ladies that decided they were pedestrians.

And there's my life in the past few months.
Miss me? ;)