About Me

Hi people!

I thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet.  
In a nutshell, I'm a God-loving, slightly (or not-so-slightly) dorky, music-loving bookworm that enjoys writing, graphic design, and various other things.

I live on a farm in Kansas with my parents and 4 of my 5 siblings, and even though I live in the country (and wouldn't want it any other way!), I would much rather be inside, curled up in a soft chair with a book than playing outside with the dogs.  Unless, of course, I could read outside.  *Nods* I like that compromise. ;)
There is nothing I like quite as much as spending time with my family, whether it's laughing until I'm crying (from the guys's humor, or Birdo's and Chowboy's impersonations and puns), singing, or watching movies, etc.  I also love music.  And books.  And yarn.  Oh, and don't forget the fireplace! :D  And– oh, let me just list each separately. XD

–I love God.  He sent His own son Jesus, our Savior, to come to earth and die for us. ~John 3:16~ ~Romans 5:8~ ~Romans 3:23~

–I love singing.  I mean, I REALLY love singing.  Have I mentioned how much I love singing?  When I'm working, I'm almost constantly singing.  And, as I put in my 2016 recap post, I have the opportunity to sing in a KS homeschooler's choir once a year. :D

–I love westerns.  The Big Valley, The Rifleman, The Lawman, The High Chaparral... I could keep going, but I'll stop. ;)  And… *cough cough* believe me or not, most of my favorite parts are the fistfights… XD

–I love music.  Like I said, I love singing, but I also love listening to music (bluegrass is the best!!) and playing instruments.  I play mandolin or bass guitar (as a sub) as a part of our worship team at church. It's the best, just sayin'.  (I mean, really.  Who else has a bluegrass band as their church's worship team?)

–I love books.  Collecting books is a sort of hobby of mine, as is reading them.  My favorite genre to read would be historical fiction. :)

–I love yarn.  Yarn + crochet hooks + a fireplace + a western = happiness.  'Nuff said.

–I love fireplaces.  They're so warm, and give the house an atmosphere of… well, warmth. ;)

–I love writing.  Creating my own characters in my own world, with my own ideas and with my own experiences.  It's like... reading a book, but one that I created myself.

Well, if you've read through all that, I congratulate you!  Now you know more about me than you did before you clicked on the "about me" tab. ;)


  1. Nice to meet ya, Kaitlyn! ;) I loved your bio. :)

    1. Nice to meet you too, Faith! ;)
      Thank you!!

  2. Ahhh, I sooooo enjoy singing too!! Sadly, I don't have any choir or anything here in MO where I live. :(

    1. Ohh, awesome!!! :D *virtual high five*
      You should start one. ;)

  3. If I could find enough people interested in singing, I would. Unfortunately, I have yet to find those people who live near me... =\ Are you participating again in the choir this year?

    1. Ahh, I'm sorry. :\ There'll come a day... ;)
      Yes, I am! Practice has started again, and it's awesome. ;D

  4. Actually, I already knew all this before I clicked on the "about me" tab. So technically, you lied. I don't know more about you than I did before I clicked it.

  5. Hey! Just discovered your blog because of the book review. If you like historical fiction, you should really check out oldreading.org. They have some great books! ~Mary

  6. Hi Kaitlyn!

    I'm new to your blog, and really like your blogs design! I love sunflowers and the barbed wire looks so awesomely rustic! Looks like we might have a lot of things in common! And Kansas has a special spot for me, even though I don't live there, we almost moved there...

    I recently started a blog and would love it if you stopped by sometime! Showers of Blessings @ bensshowersofblessings.blogspot.com
    -Brooklyne ;)


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