About Me

The Basics:
Born again believer | Moderately tall | Dark hair | Blue eyes | Freckled | Slightly anthraphobic | ISFP
5 siblings | Farm girl | Collector of books

Hebrews 11 | Isaiah 41:10 | Psalm 19:1 | Proverbs | 2 Timothy 2:15 | 2 Timothy 4 | Matthew 5
Romans 8:38 | Proverbs 1:7 | Psalm 1 | Romans 5:8

Dobro | Mandolin | Piano | Singing | Writing | Reading | Crochet | Graphic design

Susan Marlow | Jack Cavanaugh | Jesseca Wheaton | Chuck Black | Lois Walfrid Johnson
Douglas Bond | Faith Potts | Michael Phillips | Tricia Mingerink | Stephen Bly | Nancy Rue | Walt Morey

Casting Crowns | The Ball Brothers | The Wissmann Family | Craig Duncan | Andy Leftwich
The Gaithers | Patrick Doyle | Natalie Grant | The Statlers | The Piano Guys | Crowder

The Virginian | Gunsmoke | The Lawman | Hogan's Heroes | The High Chaparral | Savage Sam
Last Ounce of Courage | Courageous | Fireproof | The Big Valley | Facing the Giants | War Room
Forever Strong | MacGyver

Rollercoaster junkie | Flossing is a must | Chocolate | Sunflowers | Bare feet | Autumn |
 Early to bed | Blue | Aversion to literary romance | Fireplaces | Smelling old books | Puns | Photos


  1. Nice to meet ya, Kaitlyn! ;) I loved your bio. :)

  2. Ahhh, I sooooo enjoy singing too!! Sadly, I don't have any choir or anything here in MO where I live. :(

    1. Ohh, awesome!!! :D *virtual high five*
      You should start one. ;)

  3. If I could find enough people interested in singing, I would. Unfortunately, I have yet to find those people who live near me... =\ Are you participating again in the choir this year?

    1. Ahh, I'm sorry. :\ There'll come a day... ;)
      Yes, I am! Practice has started again, and it's awesome. ;D

  4. Actually, I already knew all this before I clicked on the "about me" tab. So technically, you lied. I don't know more about you than I did before I clicked it.

  5. Hey! Just discovered your blog because of the book review. If you like historical fiction, you should really check out oldreading.org. They have some great books! ~Mary

  6. Hi Kaitlyn!

    I'm new to your blog, and really like your blogs design! I love sunflowers and the barbed wire looks so awesomely rustic! Looks like we might have a lot of things in common! And Kansas has a special spot for me, even though I don't live there, we almost moved there...

    I recently started a blog and would love it if you stopped by sometime! Showers of Blessings @ bensshowersofblessings.blogspot.com
    -Brooklyne ;)

  7. hi!!! oh my word, I love Susan Marlow, Lois Walfrid Johnson and Chuck Black, too! I'm best friends with Mrs.marlows grand daughter and I live in the same state as chuck black, and ive met lois walfrid Johnson AND I like: horses and cows and riding and roping and racoons and dogs and any thing cowgirl.

    nice to meet you!!!

    1. oh and I for got heres the link to my blog!

    2. No way!! Ack, slightly jealous... ;) good to meet you too, Lexah!

  8. How tall? I'm very tall too xD

    I love writing reading, graphic design, Hogan's Heroes, The Big Valley, macgyver and Courageous :)

    Looking forward to reading your posts!


    1. About 5'7"... Not *too* tall, but tall all the same. XD

      Ohh, you have epic tastes. ;)

  9. Hi, Kaitlyn! I'm just exploring blogs and thought I would stop and say hi! I like your blog!



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