Saturday, August 31, 2019

Diy Scrunchies {A Guest Post by Kara}

Hey Y'all! Since Kaitlyn has been so busy getting ready for her blog tour, I decided to take it upon myself to revive the blog. That way you guys won't get bored not having anything new to look at on here!;P So, without further explanation, SCRUNCHIES!!!!!!

For this project you'll need: fabric, a needle and thread, scissors, fabric chalk, a safety pin, elastic, and a ruler.

To start out, use your ruler and chalk to measure out fabric 17 inches long and 3 to 4 inches wide. Cut  out your rectangle.

Fold your fabric inside-out and sew along the edge, longways. I used a sewing machine but you can always hand sew it. (To keep it from coming apart, knot it securely every time you sew it.)You should now have a 17 inch long, inside-out tube.

Flip it so it is right-side out. Take a length of elastic, (about the size of your wrist or a little smaller) attach it to the safety pin and thread it through the tube. The safety pin makes it easier to slip the elastic through the cloth.

Sew the ends of the elastic together. Okay, here comes the tricky part--match up the seam on each end of the tube, and stick your needle out from the inside so your knot is on the inside of your tube. Sew directly across to the other end. Staying on the same end make a stitch to the side, and sew back to the other end of the cloth. It should look something like this:

 Once you've done that all the way around the tube, pull it so you can't see the thread. (If any fray pieces are sticking out just tuck them in best you can.)

And there ya go, you've got an adorable scrunchy! The first time or two making them they might turn out a little messy or harder than you thought, but after a few tries, you'll be making them like a pro!

Have any questions? Do you love scrunchies? What's your favorite? Tell me in the comments!

Totally adorable pic Kait!:P Nice pose without your face... again. ;D

In my defense, you told me to pose, and I did. I happened to be reading.

As usual.... :D
Hope y'all enjoyed!

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Bare Feet & Cheez-Its

Bare feet & Cheez-Its.

Infrequent cloudy days.

Sister using blankets as a dress.

Cheesy puns.

Hair blowing gently in the breeze.

Messy buns.


Waterjugs & ice.


It's the little things that make summers whimsical & special. Don't take 'em for granted. Sometimes we don't realize how much they mean to us until we lose them.

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