Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2019 Goals Recap {+ 2020 Goals}

Anyone else feel like 2019 got impatient in October and finally said "OKAYYY LET'S SKIP TO THE NEW YEAR!"

*Sigh* So, yeah, now's the time of year that everyone's looking back over the past year and makes resolutions for the new year. Well, you might know that I like to set goals rather than resolutions. There's just something about them that makes it feel like a work-in-progress that I can fail at a few times before getting the hang of it, whereas resolutions give me the impression that if I mess up once,  I've completely blown it. And then I'll give up.


I did a post like this last year, and thought I might do it again this year. But first, let's see how I did with my 2019 goals! (I honestly forgot about most of these, oops xD)

1. (Tentatively) Publish Beloved.
Gooooaaaaallll!! I did publish! September 10, 2019, will be a date that I'll never forget. Faith Potts and I co-released our books on Suicide Prevention day! You can find Beloved on Amazon and Goodreads.

2. Exercise at least 4 days out of every week.
Heh. Heheh. Eh, no. I started out really well . . . but it went the way of all good things, as my father would say, and didn't last very long. I would say that I exercised more this year than I have previously, though, so that's a plus!

3. Read at least 60 books.
NAILED IT. I'm working on my 82nd book currently! If I were asked what my top five books of the year were, though, I'd have to say . . .

-Freedom by Faith Potts

-Monday Night Jihad by Steve Yohn & Jason Elam

-In 27 Days by Alison Gervais

-Fallen Angel by Jeff Strueker & Alton Gansky

-The Divided Nation by Angela Watts

4. Blog consistently.
*Cackles* Well, um, y'all could probably figure this one out. I tried?

5. Write at least 50,000 words.
Check! I wrote about 30,000 for Camp NaNo in April, over 10,000 in Camp NaNo July, about 26,000 in NaNoWriMo, and not to mention the sporadic writing I did in between.

6. Create a 2019 playlist.
Welllll yeah but no. I started it, but when I went months without adding to it . . . I deleted it. *cries* But hey, it only had a few songs on it, sooooo

7. Finish reading through the Bible.
Um . . . no. Honestly one of the goals I forgot about. xD I did get a good bit read, but between lack of perseverance and a ladies' Bible study I participated in at church, it didn't happen.

8. Memorize at least 20 Bible verses.
Again, one that I kinda forgot about. (Wow, I need to check back on these mid-year, don't I?) And I don't know, with all the memorizing I did, I might've? I didn't really keep track, but my guess is that it was somewhere shy of 20.

Okay. Now, 2020 goals . . . oh boy.
I'm gonna try not to set huge goals 'cause it looks like the new year is gonna be insane, but who am I kidding? I'm probably gonna look back on these goals and say "those were really dumb" xD

1. Become more serious in my prayer life.
Anyone else have this problem?

2. Exercise at least three days out of the week.
I know it's not much, buuuut I failed my four-days-a-week goal last year, so I'll lower the bar a liiiiitle bit. If I can work up to five or six days a week, that would be amazing. ;)

3. Read at least 60 books.
I know better than to set my goal at my total books read this year. Sadly. *cries*

4. Blog consistently.
Am I going to continually set this as a goal until I achieve it? Why yes, yes, I am.

5. Memorize at least 15 Bible verses.
If I could do more than that, that would be fabulous . . .

6. Write at least 40,000 words.
If I would actually finish another book, that would be amazing.

So, I've seen a lot of people do 'words of the year.'

I always thought it was kinda weird. I mean, they gave the coming year a single word and I guess saw how it actually played out? Weird. But it was also neat to see how, when they looked back after a year had passed, realized how well that word fit the year.

Or how it didn't.

So, this year, I'm going to try it. I'm going to give 2020 a word of the year.


I want to grow. Grow in my walk with Christ, grow in wisdom, grow in maturity, grow as an adult, grow in courage.

So, 2020, here's to you.

2019 was a bit rough. Maybe you'll be better, but maybe you'll be worse.

Either way, may God help me grow.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

The Best Christmas Albums Ever

As I have ever since I started this blog, this year I'm participating in Faith's 12 Days of Christmas blog party! Today I've got some of my most favorite Christmas albums to share with you, so hang tight!

Also, be sure that you click on the below image to visit Faith's blog and see all the other posts in the party!

The Ball Brothers—Christmastime, Vol. 2

*smirks* didn't see this one coming, did you? This was a super sweet early Christmas gift from some dear friends . . . and I've already listened to it over ten times (I kinda lost track after nine or so #oops). Surprised? You shouldn't be. xD

Chris Tomlin—Glory in the Highest

I love this song so, so much . . . and the rest of the songs in the album are fabulous. ;)

The Oak Ridge Boys—Christmas

I realized that it's been three years since I've shared music that I grew up listening to, hehe! This album isn't one that I'd normally listen to, but it's a family tradition to listen to it every year while decorating, baking, eating on Christmas Eve, etc . . . my family is rather sentimental. ;)

Craig Duncan—Bluegrass Christmas

*cackles* Didn't see this one coming either, did ya?? Random fact: Spotify said that my most-listened-to artist of the year was Craig Duncan . . . go figure.

Guy Penrod—Christmas

Guy Penrod was my second-most-listened-to artist of the year, so of course I'm gonna be recommending his Christmas music!

The Nashville Superpickers—Pickin' On Christmas

Bluegrass. Instrumental. Superpickers. Need I say more??

Michael W. Smith—It's a Wonderful Christmas

I love MWS's music, especially since Kordell and I got to go to one of his concerts last month (more on that in an upcoming post)!

What are your most favorite Christmas albums/artists?? Do you have any that are special to you because of the memories that come with them?

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Birthday Memories

Does your family have birthday traditions? Mine does! My sister just had a birthday, and thus the idea for this post was born.

So, when I was little, it used to always be the same thing every year: No school, a special breakfast (in my family, a 'special breakfast' is when Mom buys sugared cereal!) that usually consisted of a peanut butter/marshmallow/Cheerios bar, or coffee cake, or puffed pancake, or muffins . . . whatever the birthday child wanted—within reason, of course. ;)

Then we'd eat the special lunch picked out by the birthday kid. Then, in the afternoon, we'd go over to our grandpa & grandma's house so mom could bake and decorate the cake! Now, the cake was a big deal. Like, we'd pick out the flavor and how we wanted it decorated, and Mom would spend the longest time decorating it just the way the birthday boy/girl wanted it. (When we were little, Kordell and I actually got our own separate cakes! Spoiled, weren't we? *grins*)

Then, we all ate a special birthday supper (can you see a pattern going here?), and afterward, all the grandparents would come over for cake and ice cream (also specially picked out, of course) and presents.

However, everything changed on my 11th birthday. Kordell and I *gasp* had our very first sleepover! I'll never forget that birthday. We each got to choose one of our church friends to have over for the night. (Kordell, remember that huge pillow fight the four of us had? I quit early because your guest hit me in the head with his heavy feather pillow. *shakes head*)

I remember one hear, I had a tea party and invited some friends and cousins over for the fun. We went bowling once. But my two favorite birthday parties were my 6th and my 17th. For our 6th birthday party, Mom went all out—invitations we handed out at church, a theme, everything. (Y'know those themed birthday parties? Yeah, we don't do those.) It was our cowboy birthday party. Everyone wore cowboy boots and hats, and some even wore bandanas! (Our grandma had actually made us kids cloth chaps awhile before that, so I felt so special wearing mine with the princess knee patches!)

Our 17th birthday, however, was much different. By then, two of our brothers were married. So there we were, all eleven of us sitting around the table eating supper (Our grandma had joined us), laughing, joking. Angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries. Then, when Mom and Dad left to take Grandma home, the kids all split into two groups and played the Farming Game. Now, if you don't know what The Farming Game is, I'm so, so sorry. You are seriously missing out! Comparable to Monopoly, I suppose, only about five times better. We played for, like, 2 hours. It was so fabulous.

Anymore, we don't really do gifts. (My mom gave me a coat like 6 months late last year, haha!) The married siblings might give the others a bag of candy or something. Grandparents give some money. Nowadays, I listen to my friends talk about the gifts they get at their birthdays, and I'm just like, "wait, you get presents?!" But really . . . I don't necessarily miss it.

It's the memories that make birthdays special.

What are your favorite birthday memories?

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Help Me Revive the Blog

In case you didn't notice (I won't blame you if you didn't . . . my posts have been so lame lately), my poor blog has been rather neglected. Ever since I took books away and created my author blog, I feel a severe lack of inspiration.

So. That, my dear readers, is where you come in.

I don't want to give up on the blog (though some would probably say I already did). But, as I said, I have no inspiration for posts. So. I need your ideas. What are some posts you'd like to see on the blog? If you've got some (non-bookish) ideas, comment below!

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Support a Veteran {Buy a Book}

As (most of) you know, I just recently published my book. What you may not know is that I co-released with my fabulous friend Faith Potts. (Don't you love that alliteration?)

Faith published Freedom, her best work yet, with me on September 10th—World Suicide Prevention Day. This story is powerful, y'all. Plus, if you want a barrel of laughs and snarky-ness and fabulous romance (I actually liked this one, go figure), You'll definitely want to order yourself a copy. (You want my full opinion on this baby? You can read my review HERE).

So why am I going on about this? Well, Freedom deals with the tough topic of suicide—and not just suicide in general, but aiming more toward veteran suicide. So in honor of this, and the fact that September is suicide prevention month, Faith is selling signed paperbacks of Freedom, and through the month of September, all proceeds go to Cover Me Veteran, an organization dedicated to the prevention of veteran suicide. (If you want to learn more about CMV, just click on that link.)

So. That means you've only got a couple days left to order your own signed copy and make a difference! 

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

My Book is Published {Say What?!}

So, yeah. Yesterday, World Suicide Prevention Day, Faith Potts and I released our novels to the world.


You can find out more HERE.

(Oh, there's also a giveaway . . . )

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Diy Scrunchies {A Guest Post by Kara}

Hey Y'all! Since Kaitlyn has been so busy getting ready for her blog tour, I decided to take it upon myself to revive the blog. That way you guys won't get bored not having anything new to look at on here!;P So, without further explanation, SCRUNCHIES!!!!!!

For this project you'll need: fabric, a needle and thread, scissors, fabric chalk, a safety pin, elastic, and a ruler.

To start out, use your ruler and chalk to measure out fabric 17 inches long and 3 to 4 inches wide. Cut  out your rectangle.

Fold your fabric inside-out and sew along the edge, longways. I used a sewing machine but you can always hand sew it. (To keep it from coming apart, knot it securely every time you sew it.)You should now have a 17 inch long, inside-out tube.

Flip it so it is right-side out. Take a length of elastic, (about the size of your wrist or a little smaller) attach it to the safety pin and thread it through the tube. The safety pin makes it easier to slip the elastic through the cloth.

Sew the ends of the elastic together. Okay, here comes the tricky part--match up the seam on each end of the tube, and stick your needle out from the inside so your knot is on the inside of your tube. Sew directly across to the other end. Staying on the same end make a stitch to the side, and sew back to the other end of the cloth. It should look something like this:

 Once you've done that all the way around the tube, pull it so you can't see the thread. (If any fray pieces are sticking out just tuck them in best you can.)

And there ya go, you've got an adorable scrunchy! The first time or two making them they might turn out a little messy or harder than you thought, but after a few tries, you'll be making them like a pro!

Have any questions? Do you love scrunchies? What's your favorite? Tell me in the comments!

Totally adorable pic Kait!:P Nice pose without your face... again. ;D

In my defense, you told me to pose, and I did. I happened to be reading.

As usual.... :D
Hope y'all enjoyed!