Friday, February 9, 2018

Love Advice From Single Guys: Q&A

This Valentines Day, I will have two special guests with me, ready to give some smashing advice! (Or not so smashing, depending on the question and how devious they're feeling...)
Any questions you want Chowboy and Kordell to answer?  Comment on or before the 12th (questions asked on the 13th may or may not be accepted) and come back on the 14th to see these guys' reactions!
Disclaimer:  The guys have the right to refuse any question for any reason.
If I don't get any questions, well... I have no idea what will happen. XD
Are you looking forward to this as much as I am?


  1. Yes yes!! So excited!!! Yes I'm as excited as you! I've wished so many times to be able to get into guys brains and see what they are thinking!

    Q1 What is it about a girls character that draws you the most?

    Q2 why did you all agree to do this? I would never have agreed!

    Q3 braid or curls?

    Q4 Makeup or no makeup?

    Q5 do you like it when a girls sings?

    Q6 do you like a girl who's more ladylike or one who's more of a cowgirl? (both being polite and Christian girls)

    Q7 how do you feel when a girl reaches out to you, instead of waiting for you to take the first step?

    There are a couple. I hope that's not too many. I'll be here in the 14th!!

  2. I am definitely as excited as you!!!! Can't wait for the 14th!!!! ;) ;P

    They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Is this true?
    Would you rather a girl be able to cook bacon or steak?
    Some people say boys don't know anything about girls. Is this true?
    Would you rather girl be able to ride a horse or drive a tractor?
    Would you rather a girl like cattle or goats better?
    Do you have any random words of advice about love and marriage?

    ~ Kara

  3. *snickers* Looking forward to this, Krispy. ;) Here's a few random questions... XD

    Thoughts on Valentines Day in general? (Should it be a holiday, should it be outlawed, is it overrated etc.)
    At what age should a dating/courting relationship begin?
    Outgoing or quiet girls?

  4. This is going to be...shall I say...interesting. XD can't wait to hear these guys' answers!

    1: Whats an awkward subject you never want to talk about with a girl?
    2: "Courtship" or "dating"? (And why, if you have time. ;)
    3: When a girl is friendly, it's easy to feel like we come across as flirtatious. What is your feelings on this?
    4: How should a girl approach a guy that she likes if she doesn't know how he feels? (How would you like to get approached if a girl liked you? Direct and blunt, or more of a "let's be friends and then take it from there one step at a time?)
    5: Is the whole future-father-in-law / future-son-in-law talk REALLY that scary of a thought?

    There. I tried to come up with some unique ones. Have fun with those! ;)

  5. Oh, my. I can't wait to hear the responses! So, I've got some things I'd like input on as well!

    1) When it really comes down to it, does it matter to you if a girl can cook well or not?
    2) Do you pray often about your future spouse?
    3) What's the first thing you notice about someone or that grabs your interest?
    4) How does it feel to have two brothers already (or almost) married?
    5) Are you happy with being single or do you look forward to the day when you too are married?

    Haha, good luck answering and can't wait to read the post! :P

    ~ Curious in Kansas

  6. So, since everyone else has been asking more serious questions, I'm gonna ask some silly/sarcastic ones. Because I've heard y'all's sense of humor is quite epic.

    1.) If you're single for Valentine's day, would you advise a pity party, or enjoying all the chocolate you can while not having to share?
    2.) Help! I just realized the guy I like has FB. Should I follow him or would that be creepy?
    3.) I have a truck, and I've been informed that every kiss begins with someone saying the phrase, "I have a truck." How do I provide this information without getting unwanted kisses?
    4.) According to the advanced mathematical equations I have conducted in my laboratory, I've arrived at the startling realization that in the entire universe there exists only one person who can become my soulmate. Should I begin searching for said human, or be content to wait till they appear?
    5.) Do you think George Strait's songs can be trusted as legitimate advice for romantic relationships?

    Okay, one more slightly serious question now... What advice would you give to christian singles who are seeking to glorify God as they wait to see where He leads in their life?


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