Sunday, June 18, 2017

Dear Daddy...

Dear Daddy,
How can I put this into words?
Mama became 'Mom' or 'Mother' or 'Ma' or whatever I wanted to call her in less than 15 years.  You've always been Daddy, and I think you always will be.
You're the kind of guy that most people think is grumpy all the time, just 'cause of the way you look.
I know different.
Of course, you've still got that glare of purest steel that scared the living daylights out of me when I had done something wrong, and I'll never forget that muffled snap of the fingers we'd get as a warning when we were acting up in church.
But you've also got that laugh, and smile, and that smirk you get on your face and sparkle in your eyes when I know you're just teasing me.
You're the one that wouldn't allow me to wear skirts too short, shirts too low, or jeans too tight.  You're the one that taught me how to ride a horse, and how to ride a bike.You're the one that always says, "Kaitlyn, when a guy comes calling, I'm looking forward to telling him no."
You've never been afraid to play with us kids; you'd play with our toy farm equipment with us, you'd wrestle with us, give us 'horsey' rides.
You're gentle.  I remember that when Mom would brush my hair, I would be screaming because of the pain.  When you brushed my hair, somehow it didn't hurt as bad.
When I would have nightmares, I would run to your bed, and you would let me sleep with you for the rest of the night.  Even if it squished you and Mom.
Some people would call you strict.
I would call you... well, strict.  But in a good way.
Remember your favorite verse?  You certainly lived by it. XD  But you disciplined us in such a way that we knew exactly why we had gotten the punishment we had gotten, and that we had brought it upon ourselves.
You've always been super patient, and y'know, I don't remember you ever yelling at us.  You never lost your temper, even when us kids were being brats, and when we would 'help' you stack square bales, although we were just being in the way.
You taught me to drive tractor and move bales, and never lost patience when I made crooked rows or turned a bale on end, going at a snail's pace the whole time. ;)
You are the one person in the family that has ALWAYS shared my love for old western TV shows.  Sure, everyone else likes them, but when we're looking for a movie to watch, you almost always take my side. ;)
One night, I had really been looking forward to watching a western.  But everyone (including you) were already in bed.  So when I came to tell you goodnight, you offered to get up and watch one with me.
I declined, but… I went to my bed and just started crying.  Not because I was missing a western, but because my daddy loved me enough to actually be willing to miss some sleep for me.  That meant more to me than you'll ever know.
You've always loved us, and make sure that we know that.
You took up being the spiritual leader of the family, and helped lead me to Christ.  You pray with us, read Bible to/with us; you're the role model that every child needs, and then some.
Daddy, you'll always be my first love.
I love you.

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  1. ....somebody wanna pass me the tissues? *wipes eyes*

    This was absolutely beautiful, Kaitlyn-dear. <3


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