Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Hayday

Hi people!

I should've gotten this post up earlier (I mean, I took these pics weeks ago. Plus, I've got my wheat harvest post to do.), but oh well.
I got to hang out with Kordell for a day.
You might be wondering from the title exactly what we were doing?
We had a hayday.  Literally.
First we went to get bales.

On our way out to get the hayracks, Chowboy hopped on the hitch to get a ride to the trench so he wouldn't have to walk.  On the way, he took a selfie. XD

Loading the hay racks
Kordell is quite interesting to ride with.  For instance, he was imitating the pig that cried 'wee!' all the way home on the Geico commercial… which made him cough but he didn't care.

On our way home to unload
He would also imitate Jimmy & Jerry gourd from VeggieTales.

Empty, we hop on the road...
…To get more bales!
Once we finished hauling bales, we went home and switched tractors to go bale.

There's something about driving down the road in a vehicle larger than others that gives you a sense of power. B-)

Oiling the chains
And off we go!
Singing along to Sawyer Brown…
He also sang parodies of Old McDonald that he made up on the spot.

'Feeding' the baler

The baler got plugged,  so he got in there and dug it out.  And while he was doing that...
I was lazy and sat on the rear tire and read. ;)

I tried to yodel, but he said, "you sound like a caribou." He was right. XD

It was an interesting day, to say the least. ;P (Especially when we were all done with the field.  Going around in random circles to pick up stray hay is not for the faint at stomach! XP)
But thanks for letting me ride, Bro! I did have fun. ;)


  1. You have a funny brother.

    My nose was dying when I saw him in the jammed baler. *Achooo!!!!*

  2. Oh, this looks Like fun! And books + outside = perfection. And wow, that truck is huge! It makes your brother look small.;)

  3. *applauds this wonderful post* Keep doing post like this please, dearie. Because I like reading about real stuff in other peeps' lives especially when they is awesome peeps. *nods seriously*


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