Friday, September 22, 2017

You Know You're a Farmer's Daughter When...

Well, you never know, maybe I'll keep up this post-once-a-week thing.
I've had this idea for a post in the back of my mind for quite awhile now.  And I needed something to post this week.
So congratulations, this is what you get!
A list of things that I, as a farmer's daughter, can testify to as being one-hundred-percent truthful.  This will hopefully turn into a series of posts.  Most things on this list generally happen in the summer.
DISCLAIMER: I know that not all other farming people can relate, and I know that there's some people that don't live on a farm that do relate; this is strictly from my perspective. ;)

You know you're a farmer's daughter when...

...You get juice on your hands from picking mulberries, then run inside screaming that you've got blood on your hands, trying to freak Mom out.

...One of the most familiar/fondest childhood sights/memories is the inside of a tractor cab.

...There is no such thing as summer vacation.

...One of the biggest highlights of the year is wheat harvest.

...The best place in the world to read a book (other than a cushy chair, of course) is the cab of a combine.  Or under a shade tree if that isn't available.

...There's not much you like more than squishing your bare feet in the mud.

...You actually attend that 'little country church' with a gravel parking lot that everyone thinks is only in storybooks and country songs.

...Your food is practically in your backyard.

...Rain is the most welcome sight in the world.

...People visit your house and can't believe how quiet it is.  And you just smile, forever grateful that you live where you live.

And there you have it folks, a glimpse into my small and insignificant life.
Do you think you'd like more posts like this?


  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this post, girlie!! I can't relate to many of these, but it was a joy to read. I would love to see more posts like this. ;)
    Little country church? Yes, please! Ours doesn't have a gravel parking lot, but the first one Daddy pastored did. ;)
    (Your life is very significant, dear. <3)

  2. I've actually freaked my Mom out with blackberry 'blood'.... felt REALLY bad about it cuz she actually yelped. SORRY. xD
    So pretty, Kaitlyn! And these incredible 'little' things make life all the more worth living. ♥


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