Saturday, May 4, 2019

You Might Be a Farmer's Daughter If...{Spring Edition}

Wow, it's been a long time since I've done one of these posts. About time I wrote another!

You might be a farmer's daughter if . . .

. . . rather than everything smelling fresh, spring rains make your yard smell like manure. Very wet manure.

. . . when you hear the words "it's time to start planting corn," you know the relaxed, slow days of the year are gone until winter. (That lil' thing called Summer Vacation? Yeah, we don't do that)

. . . driving in the dark and seeing fire on the horizon isn't horrifying—it's beautiful, and that means pastures are being burned so that fresh, clean growth can spring up. (pun unintended, but you can go ahead and laugh.)

. . . trucks & trailers are a common sight on the road outside your house, hauling cattle out to the pasture.

. . . the perfect place to read is outside with a breeze that doesn't tear your pages.

. . . nearly half of the meals you cook need to be taken outside.

. . . sometimes you think summer has arrived because it's just as hot and busy.

. . . the end of school is bittersweet because on one hand, YAY SCHOOL IS OVER, but on the other hand, days are getting suuuuper busy.

. . . baby animals are one of the best things about spring.
Could you relate to any of these? ;)
(Also how's that for entertaining, Chowboy?)


  1. Ehh, not too bad. I was highly entertained. Although I think your pan was like a ripped a piece of paper; tearable. Enjoyed it though!

    1. Oh goodness. XD I guess I'll just have to host the king of puns here again, won't I?

  2. Yup, can't say I relate. We're still having to wait until we're sure it's not gonna frost or freeze again to even plant a garden. xD

  3. Oh, hey, i just tagged you over at my blog! Feel free to pass on it if you've done it before... ;)


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