Monday, November 26, 2018

Fashion Advice from Guys

Greetings, everyone!  I hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
We'll ignore the fact that I'm two days late with this and just consider it extra suspense. *nods*
Now is the moment we've all been waiting for—the guys' advice about fashion!  Let's get started, shall we?  Kordell will be in bold lettering, and Chowboy will be in italics.  Actually got them to be a bit more serious this time.
Some of the questions fall under similar categories, so I've combined several of them.  So if you see your question(s) mixed in with others, that would be why. ;)

Do you approve of skinny jeans? If so, how tight is too tight? Do you think that sleeveless shirts are ok? How about tank tops? Is that going too far?

You kinda put us in a tight spot with that one

Where's your heart? What's your purpose in wearing that clothing? Why do you want to wear jeans that are tight? Why do you want to wear sleeveless shirts? It's between you and God.

I'm pretty much gonna repeat the same he said. Whats your reason for wearing it? It's all WEAR your heart is. Would you wear it if God was standing there in the same room? Cause He is.

Very well said.

Do you wear bell bottoms daily or only on Sunday? 

Well, I'm a big fan of bell bottoms. However, as a daily occurrence I'm sad to say that I don't. Or on Sundays. :( One can wish

If it were up to me, daily.  But I don't want to overdo my dazzling appearance

Are neon suspenders too edgy or should I stick to pastels? 

Go big or go home, I say neon

Depends. If I wanted to be brash, I'd go with the neon. If I was just going to a social event, I'd stick with pastels. Good question, glad it was asked.

I’m interested in crocheted sweaters - Is it best for a guy to wear a tank under them or just not worry bout it?

I'd wear something under them at least. I'd probably look for a different wardrobe.

I just wouldn't wear a sweater

What do you think about makeup?  Thoughts on jewelry? Are earrings and necklaces okay on guys? 

I don't really care.  I'm personally not a big fan of any of it

What do I think about makeup? I've never worn it. My brothers make jokes about my looks, but their recommendation was plastic surgery; not makeup.

Holes in jeans. Is that okay or not so much?

I have holes in my work jeans.

My jeans are like my golf game; I have several pairs, but I only have a hole in oneXD

Do you like high heels? Should they be outlawed?

As for being outlawed, I don't think they should necessarily be outlawed. I'm thinking if a bad dude tries to attack a female, just stomp on his foot with the high heels and that'll stop that business.

What's the point of high heels?XDXD

Jeans, sweat pants, khakis, or slick pants?

I've worn them all; I like them all; they all have their place. On the legsXD

Depends on the occasion

Are knee high dresses too short? How short can capris or shorts be? Is above the knees showing too much of the body?

Again, where's your heart? Are you wanting to be modest or not? God is with you everywhere. It's between you and God. If you think He's fine with what you wear, then go for it. But if you have doubts, why push the envelope? It's between you and God.

He said it. I agree with it. There you have it.

Thanks so much, guys!  I loved all your answers.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Fashion Advice from Guys: Q&A

Greetings, peoples!  I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed that unplanned 2-week blogging break, and I'm ready to get back at it again.
So, Chowboy & Kordell are back to expound their wisdom.  Since their love advice seemed to be rather popular, they're back with untapped advice for fashion!  
Have any fashion questions for them?  Comment below!
There were a couple of people that were a little disappointed at the lack of sincerity in the guys' answers to their questions, so keep in mind this will be much the same.  If you ask a completely serious question, you may not get a completely serious answer.  Let's have fun with this, shall we?
Leave a comment with your questions!  Depending on how many they receive, there may be some questions that won't be answered.  You have until Wednesday, November 21st, to send your questions.
Let the fun begin!