Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wheat Harvest... Among Other Things (My Silly Sis)

Hi people!

Wheat harvest was like, over a month ago.  And I realized that I still haven't done a post about it.
So.  In order to get a fresh perspective on the subject, I have my sister here beside me.
Say hello, Squirt.

heelloo, and I'm not Squirt. :P

Well, you're Squirt to me.  But for this blog, what do you want me to call you?

Kara will suffice for now.

Ok then, thank you.  Now.  Kara, would you agree with me if I said that wheat harvest is one of the highlights of the farming year for our family?

You can call me Squirt if I can call you Thelma Lou.

Um, sure. XD
Well then, Squirt, back to the subject.  What is your favorite part of wheat harvest?

Ok Thelma Lou. XD
Hmm... Thats a hard one... Probably riding in the combine with Daddy while listening to Adventures in Odyssey.

 Or getting free pop at the co-op.  Or... singing with Kordell in the grain cart tractor. XD

Of course you would say those things.
I love riding in the combine too, and Odyssey is great, but when it comes to deciding what to do while riding, you can't beat a good book.

A BOOK!!!!
Ohhhhhh NO.  Books are for riding in the truck ONLY.
When you are bored.  And have nothing else to do.

Yeah no.  You just don't appreciate the finer things, Squirt.

Oh Thelma Lou you don't appreciate the finer things.  Like... horses.

Meh.  Horses are fun to ride, but I'm not obsessed about them like you are.

Thelma, Thelma, Thelma.  You're the one that gave me a horse book for Christmas.

I know. That doesn't mean I have to like them, does it?

No, but you can get me another one next Christmas!

*shakes head* Yeah, we'll see about that.  

Speaking of horses what is your favorite breed????
I like Paints, Appaloosas and Quarter Horses.  Shires are pretty cool too.
Did you know that the biggest Shire was like, 18 hands tall at the withers (its shoulders)?

Uh... well, I don't know anything about horses, but Appaloosas are pretty.  
And, 18 hands is how tall?

About 6 feet-ish.

...Wow.  That's a big horse.
Well, back to wheat harvest...


Don't give me that look.  You like wheat harvest!

I also like burritos.  That doesn't mean I talk about them all the time.

I like books.  And I do talk about them all the time. B-)

I noticed.  So can I start talking about horses all the time?!?!


Minion gif war!

Well... okay.  But this post is getting long, so let's not go too long. ;P



That poor minion. ;P
This is one of my favorites!!!! :D ;P

Oh goodness. XD


Ok, that's enough gifs. XD
Thanks for coming, Squirt!  Say goodbye.


Uh... yeah... bye, Squirt.
Well, this was supposed to be a post about wheat harvest, and I suppose there was a fair amount of pics... well, I hope y'all enjoyed! XD
~Kaitlyn (and Kara!!!!)


  1. Haha, this was so much fun to read! And wheat harvest sounds like it's so amazing! Adventures in Odyssey while riding in a combine sounds awesome. I think I'd have to agree with Kara on this one...I'm not sure I could read in a tractor. XD

  2. Lol. That was a lot of fun to read. Love the minion gif war. XD

  3. *grins at the title because I love these posts with your (crazy? awesome?) family*

    Haha, so much fun to read. Thanks for brightening my evening, Squirt and Thelma Lou! B-)


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