Friday, January 20, 2017

Reader's Choice

Hi people!
You might have noticed that I put up a poll on the sidebar.
I'd like y'all to give me some input as to what you'd like me to post.
I'll probably get around to posting all of these, but your job is to tell me what you'd most like to read, so I can therefore work harder on providing those posts.
Your choices are:

-Farm life 
-Food for thought (devotional, scripture, etc.)
-Writing challenges
-Chats with my siblings
-Monthly recaps
-My favorite things (a series about my favorite music, books, etc.)

Ok, there ya go!
I'd appreciate it if you would take the time to just click on one or two :)
Thanks people!


  1. Looking forward to all of these!! :D

  2. Stories, Writing Challenges, monthly recaps... those are always fun. :D I also like the favorite things type posts.


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