Monday, July 25, 2016

A Talk with my Twin

Hi people!
Most of you said that it was so cool that I had a twin.  So y'all get to see what it's like between my twin and me!  So, without further ado, I present… my twin!  My writing will be with regular font, and his will be in bold.

Hullo folks

Aren't you going to introduce yourself??

I have a bunch of names people call me, my brothers call me Junior, but my real name is Kordell.

Ok.  Thank you.  Now, what would you like to talk about?


Very funny.

Catalpa trees

From Google
You're obsessed.

With what

What do you think?!?!


Yes.  Catalpa trees.

 Fine, we can talk about cattle

You're obsessed with cattle too.  But oh well.  Let's talk about cattle.  What about them?

About how awesome they are

You never use punctuation, do you?? :P  Anyway, I don't find cattle awesome.  I just think baby calves are adorable.  But when they grow up… well, that's a completely different story.

Yes, newborn calves are really cute

No kidding.

*Awkward silence*

I'm bored

Then start talking again.



I don't know what to say

Hmm… what to talk about… I know!! Let's talk about books! :D


 HOW CAN YOU SAY BOOKS ARE BORING?!?!?!?! You read Hank the Cowdog; those are books!

I say that six letters at a time. B-O-R-I-N-G. I read Hank when I'm sitting in the deer blind

Well… I think Hank is boring.  So I suppose I can see why you think books are boring, as they're most of what you've ever read.  Except for school.

The Royals have a good baseball team

From Google

That was random.

I'm full of randomness

Umm, no kidding!  Well, I think it's time to go.  Thanks for coming Kordell!  And if people like you, would you consider coming back every once in awhile?

I'll think bout it

Well, there you go, people!  What say you?  Do you want him to come back??  Say goodbye, Kordell.

See ya

All right people, I hope that wasn't too confusing. ;P
Thanks for coming by!


  1. Hahaha!!!! NOW I know where you get it from, Kaitlyn!
    I enjoyed "meeting" you, Kordell! I do hope you'll let Kaitlyn drag you back here a few more times. :)

    1. Yeah, he's kind of an influence. ;)
      I'm working on him… I think he'll be back. Eventually. ;)

  2. Hehe, this is hilarious! Loved this post!

    Nice meeting you, Kordell! Thanks for sharing this, Kaitlyn - must have been fun to write together ^_^ Do drag him back into the blogosphere sometime soon ;)

    1. Oh, it definitely was fun! :D We were laughing quite a bit during this. ;)

  3. Hehehe, fun post. ;) Nice to meet you, Kordell!

  4. That was cute! I feel like I got a bit of insight into both of your personalities. Thanks for stopping by, Kordell.

  5. Enjoyed the informational conversation..Please yes, have him come back sometime & talk about catalpa beans.


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